Focused L&D Interventions for Women Leaders?

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook & author of a landmark manifesto on Women empowerment “Lean In” ends her popular TED talk on an evocative note, by dreaming of a world where half of the nations & half of the organizations will be led by Women leaders.

Designing a Breakthrough Business Conference

Organizations routinely undertake to organize a business conference at an exotic location, either as a yearly or a half-yearly event. These are often termed as a strategy meet, a sales conference, annual team meet, etc. and organized for varied team sizes.

Presentation Skills for Leaders…

Most presentations have a great scope of being effective. Presenting is just not communicating the message. The presentation by leaders has intent of absorption and adoption by the teams.

Why Presentations are important: 

Pygmalion Effect

Have you ever heard team members say “We will exceed the goals of our manager?” Have you witnessed a team outperforming others just because their manager believed so?