Participants Speak

The program was very interactive and was definitely an eye opener for many things. The knowledge and confidence I gained through this program is something I will cherish forever.
It was a very knowledgeable session, great learning platform and excellent way to bridge the gap from campus to corporate.
Very informative and the interaction was kept alive. Activities were very well planned and executed.
It was really exciting and it kept me focused 100%. Really appreciative of C2X team for all the patience with us.
The trainer is what I liked the best. She has immense energy that helps us be active even in topics that aren't very interesting.
I would like to thank the whole team for their efforts and pulling such a training via an online platform and managed to keep the whole session interesting.
I liked how interactive the session was and the number of topics that were covered were beyond my expectation. The sessions were enriching to say the least.
I really really liked the short quizzes and team-building activities we had. I liked how complex topics were explained in such a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
The whole training program was so much fun and best. Everything was so organized and systematic with the workbooks and all and it made really easy for us.
It was great and memorable experience as it helped us to take our skills to the next level.
Overall, the first day of this training really helped me to break the ice and interact with my peers at a more personal level.
I found the session quite interactive, put us all at much ease for the upcoming major shift in our lives
I got a better understanding of the corporate setting that I am getting into, effective communication tools and being aware of my own feelings and thoughts as I enter this new phase in my life.
It was interactive and a lot of activities were given, many videos were shown which kept me interested.
My experience was very enriching, more so because I got insights into real scenarios and learnt how to face them
Campus to corporate switch was perfectly done and objective accomplished
I really like how the program was structured and we were provided with all the material well in advance.
The program was really interactive and insightful it makes us to be ready for the corporate life
I liked how well structured the training was. Important topics were broken into 5 days, which will be useful in the future.
Very interactive and very well explained. I really enjoyed it. Feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.
The trainer is so perfect that till the rest of our training is over we will miss this. Thanks for teaching us so many things and making it fun at the same time.
I wish we could continue this for a long period. You breakout activities are so fun that I’ll always remember my campus to corporate. Thanks for everything ❤️❤️
It was very much interactive and with too much learning and fun. The way of teaching was excellent .
The training of the program was very effective and insightful. The trainer also introduced new and different business skills to the team.
The trainer ensured that everyone is participating and nobody is left out.
I really liked the personal approach for every feedback provided as well the personal touch to every topic.
I liked how we focused more on interaction and less on theory. I liked the practical and relevant examples given during the sessions.
It was the best learning experience ever. Things taught were not very new, but the method and approach were remarkable and I feel I will never forget things I learnt in last few days.
Training is designed in a very effective and efficient manner.
The content, knowledge which is shared, fun and brainstorming activities which have been prepared for us are amazing.
Fun activities which we done in between which really helps us all to understand the topics more effectively and also made learning fun. The interaction between each other was so good we learned lots of new things with different perspectives.

Program Overview

Program Objective

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the attitude, skills and knowledge required in the corporate environment.
  • Understand the importance of Credibility, Accountability and Ownership.
  • Get acquainted with behavioral etiquettes that are necessary in a corporate environment.
  • Identify and appreciate differences between cultures and find ways of working
    with different clients efficiently.
  • Communicate confidently and effectively with the right mix of words, tone and
  • Make powerful presentations by understanding the various aspects that
    contribute to creating great presentations.
  • Write emails that are clear and concise while still carrying the essence of great
  • Learn optimal ways of using virtual platforms and means for communication,
    both internally and with clients.
  • Learn the art of networking and building rapport with people that would assist in
    establishing strong relationships with clients and team members alike.
  • Recognize what makes a great team and how one can contribute within the team
    to achieve the team’s objectives.
  • Learn to set goals that would enable one to work towards creating a great career

Key Topics

  • Transition from Campus to Corporate
  • Behavioral Etiquettes at Work Place
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Virtual Communication Etiquettes
  • Assertiveness
  • Time Management and Goal Setting
  • Interpersonal Skills and Networking
  • Self-development
  • Team Building and Collaboration


  • Facilitation
  • Group Discussions 
  • Learning videos
  • Role Plays
  • Group Activities
  • Group Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Email Writing exercisesSelf-assessment questionnaires

Online Learning Reinforcement

The Transition to Corporate life

Behavioural Etiquettes at Workplace

Verbal Communication

Non-verbal Communication



Receiving Feedback

Presentation Skills

Business Writing Skills

Virtual Communication Etiquettes


Goal Setting

Time Management

Interpersonal Skills


Building your personal brand



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