Managerial Grid: One of the essential model in managing and leading teams

There are several different models for delegation, but one of the most widely used models is the four-step model developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton. This model is often referred to as the “Managerial Grid” or the “Leadership Grid.”

The four steps of the model are:

  1. Clarify the task: Managers should clearly define the task, including the desired outcome and any specific deadlines or constraints.
  2. Assess the capability of the team member: Managers should evaluate the team member’s skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that they are capable of completing the task successfully.
  3. Delegate the task: Managers should provide clear instructions, necessary resources, and set clear expectations for the outcome of the task.
  4. Provide support and follow-up: Managers should provide support and guidance as needed, and establish a system for monitoring progress and providing feedback.

This model is simple, easy to understand and can be used by managers in different settings. It’s a useful tool for managers to structure their delegation approach and to ensure that they take into account the task, the team member and the necessary support. The model is also useful to evaluate the delegation process and to improve it over time.

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