A proven framework for giving feedback: SBID Model

The SBID (Situation-Behavior-Impact-Deed) model is a framework for providing feedback and evaluating performance. It is often used in business and organizational settings to give constructive criticism and to help individuals and teams improve their skills and performance.

  1. Situation: Describe the context of the situation, including the time, place, and people involved.
  2. Behavior: Clearly describe the specific behavior or action that you are providing feedback on.
  3. Impact: Explain the impact of the behavior on yourself, others, and the organization.
  4. Deed: Provide specific suggestions for improvement, including any actions or steps that can be taken to address the behavior and improve performance.

The SBID model helps to focus feedback on specific actions and behaviors, rather than making general or subjective evaluations. It also encourages individuals to take responsibility for their actions and to develop specific plans for improvement.

It’s a simple yet effective way of giving feedback, it allows the individual to understand the context, the behavior, the impact and how it can be improved.

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