A proven Coaching Framework: GROW model

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The GROW model was developed in the 1980s by two British coaches, Sir John Whitmore and Graham Alexander. Sir John Whitmore is a renowned performance coach and the author of several books on coaching, including “Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose” which is considered as the seminal work on the topic. He is considered as the originator of the GROW model. He has been instrumental in promoting coaching as a discipline and spreading the word about the GROW model globally.

The GROW model is a popular coaching framework used to help individuals and teams reach their goals. It stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Will or Way Forward.

  1. Goal: The first step is to identify and clarify the goal or objective that the individual or team wants to achieve.
  2. Reality: The second step is to assess the current reality, including any challenges or obstacles that may be preventing progress towards the goal.
  3. Options: The third step is to explore different options and strategies for achieving the goal. This is done by brainstorming and considering different possibilities.
  4. Will or Way Forward: The final step is to determine the action plan and support needed to move forward. This includes setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, as well as identifying any potential roadblocks and developing a plan to overcome them.

The GROW model is a powerful tool for coaches, managers, and leaders to help their team members reach their full potential by setting clear goals, identifying obstacles, and developing action plans to achieve them.

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