C2X is a one-stop solution for all your HR Consulting needs. Our aim is to assist the management & senior leaders in reaching high levels of organizational productivity and efficiency. We accomplish this by providing the necessary support at various nodes of the HR function.

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Our Approach

Understanding the organization

Aligning with the targeted goals

Customized solutions for business objectives



Key Services

  • Preparing or Updating the Organizational Chart and aligning the structure with roles
  • Preparing Job Descriptions, KRA’s and KPI’s through a validated process
  • Follow through and support during implementation and communication
  • Understanding the current PMS, vision and goals of the organization
  • Aligning of the KRA’s and KPI’s across all roles in the organizational structure
  • Administering and supporting the organization in end-to-end implementation of the performance management process
  • Building knowledge & setting up of various HR practices, policies & procedures
  • Implementation support and addressing any issues arising there in
  • Assisting in documenting policies and writing an employee handbook
  • Familiarize all the employees with the applicable legal framework and best practices at work.
  • Sensitize managers towards gender equality due to the inherent nature of power differences.
  • Equip the Internal Committee (IC) on how to handle complaints and resolve conflicts.